Jesus in Pink 1: An Inheritance of Peace


When I was young shower time was a time to play and have fun with water; now I’m getting old I make life decisions in the shower”.

The first time I saw this tweet I thought about it and realized it was true. Growing up a lot of things has changed, it’s a being a shift from being dependent to being independent, people getting things done for you to taking responsibility for your actions. It is a lot of work, the stress doesn’t get less, and the worries never go away, there is more to attain and achieve we get lost in it all!

As young adult I have begun to see the world in another perspective. Everyday has its own wahala, you can’t run away from it; the realities of not having a job yet, having a passion with  little idea on how to kick-start, relationship issues that don’t seem to go away, insecurities like thorns by my side. Some days I lay them down cuz man dey tire for all the wahala but then I pick them up again.

Someone says take all your worries to Jesus drop it at his feet lay it down at the cross. Good advice  I tried and it worked  I felt relieved for a moment to a few weeks then I was back at it again (I worry a lot) If you meet me you me you will know I’m very reserved.

One day I was lying down feeling numb I had just gotten another regret mail from a company I applied to my esteem had been given another blow I couldn’t even cry like I would normally do. It was worse to know that some persons got success mail to proceed to interview stage. I just lay there lucky for me no one was home to see me sad. How many more tests will I write and before I finally land a fulfilling job, how many more relationship trouble will I have when will it all end?  The past months haven’t been the best for me even the heavens could bear witness.

In the midst of it all my rumbling I heard John 14 I picked the bible beside me opened the verse and chapter and begun to read.

Jesus was about to leave the earth the dark days were approaching for his disciples and he was addressing his disciples ‘Do not let your heart be troubled rely on God and believe in Me, in my Father’s house there are many are many homes if it wasn’t so I wouldn’t have told you so I go to prepare a place for you’ (John 14: 1-2)

I continued to read letting the words of Jesus marinate upon my troubled heart Jesus spoke on diverse things as I read on…. Until gbam something struck me like lightning; my eyes saw something that I had never heard or seen this was it

27 “Peace I leave with you; my own peace I bequeath to you. Not the type the world gives that is for a season that’s not what I’m giving you; I’m giving you my peace for an inheritance. Stop allowing yourself to be agitated and disturbed and do not permit yourself to be fearful and intimidated” (John 14: 27 my paraphrase mixed with amplified bible version)

I read that verse over and over again I saw I had been given a priceless gift from Jesus an inheritance of peace! If I understood correctly an inheritance meant a person’s entitlement or birthright. Hence I am entitled to have peace! It’s something I must consciously work in because it is my birthright; this revelation made me calm.

There would be more aptitude test to write, interviews to attend I would eventually get a befitting job. I would have the best marriage there is, I would be great, I would impact my world and generation but all these would come to be when I consciously adopt the peace bequeathed to me from Jesus Christ. Everything will add up it will make sense eventually all the things that seem out of reach will eventually be mine when I adopt His kind of peace.

I made this decision there and then that nothing will ever bother me expect I allow it to! If it bothers me much then it isn’t worth the effort.

It’s time to drop the worries, I’m learning to drop mine will you?

Have a great week!


Jesus in Pink is an online gospel project with a goal to make positive impact on the lives of young people. follow the author on  twitter


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Petra says:

    Beautiful piece!


    1. zed says:

      Glad you were blessed by it


  2. ev says:

    finally back to writing. that’s good.


    1. zed says:

      yea i’m glad to be back


  3. ev says:

    finally back to writing. that’s a good write up.


  4. Ezenwa says:

    Very inspiring article. At times it is a struggle to stand upon the good things promised us out of the Word. It’s all about faith. Thanks for that. You are blessed.


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