Hi guys,

Hope you been holding nicely?. January is almost gone and I think this month was fast don’t you?. This post stems from my wonder of how stories emerge and maybe truly all fiction writers are or depend on amebos with a ink of creativity….. πŸ˜‰ enjoy it


I know you everything about you, all your good and bad;
Your rough edges and smooth lies.

How you love to play had to get and how you are player.

Your backyard runs at the office, at school and how beneath that heart of stone you are hopeless romantic.

I know who you betrayed and who did the same to you! Even your eventful childhood.

I know every juicy detail!

How you regret ending that relationship, what uncle seye did to you when you were eight, ………… Should I continue?

Remember I’m the bestie you tell all your secrets to and even for those which you don’t tell I know.

I’m that bug stuck close to your heart I know everything, I mean everything!

And when you say “please don’t tell”, I’m like “hell yea I’m gonna” in my mind.

I tell a good story so I spread your gist like the emission of gases smooth and odorless you can’t trace it to me.

I’m not jealous of you lia lai but mine is obsessive compulsive disorder not to keep a secret.

So don’t be surprised if you read a story on one of those blogs or novels and you feel ‘I can relate to this’ I might just have oops pitched your life history to someone who shared it skillfully.

I love you, I don’t judge you. I’d tell you what I thought whenever you told me your consistent drama but its better to share it else where.

If you hear the thoughts of bewildered strangers you would listen and reset your brain.

Hey, I will always share the link.




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  1. Walt Shakes says:

    Hehehee! Ajebo no be small work o.


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