The Greatest Lie To Tell Yourself

The buzz of a new month and second half of the year is still very much in the air. I still got a how to make the second half of the year count article today. For some it’s a time for an appraisal, for others it’s a time to count blessings by ticking that checklist, for another it’s the perfect time to take a leave to recoup energy. For people like me whose leaves are a long way from being due, we still have to get up early and hit the road till the weekend when we have some liberty to rest, preplan, strategize and regroup.

One peculiar thing I’ve learned from watching a couple of #worldcup matches is each team never gives up till the very end. They keep playing, defending, doing everything possible to score that goal or ensure that their opponent does not score. Either way there is no room to give up till there is a winner. One of the matches I enjoyed was Switzerland vs. Argentina where there was no goal at the end of 90 minutes; the first half of the 15 minutes extra game a few minutes till the end of the second 15 minutes extra time a goal game from Argentina where Messi passed the ball to Di Maria who scored the goal. What I loved about the game was the persistence and tenacity of the Switzerland players but for that stroke of luck, the game would have resulted into a penalty.
So what’s the greatest lie you can tell yourself as we’ve entered into the 2nd half of the year? What are those one, two, three things on your goal list that seems impossible to achieve or too unrealistic for the time frame or beyond your reach.

One of Dalton’s atomic theory states that atoms are indivisible and indestructible a theory that was widely accepted in the 19th century. People lived by it, most scientists accepted it, schools taught it to kids, kids wrote in exams, it became the accepted theory till some guys sat down and began to question his theory. They began to re-test, research, rediscover till they found it could be further divided into protons neutrons and electrons and that these elements had to be certain proportions to determine the mass of an atom. Till today new discoveries and theories are being established about the atom. A continuous research which keeps changing the space of chemistry and physics; What if those scientists (J.J Thomson, Rutherford, and Bohr) didn’t make further research maybe we would never know about protons, neutrons and electrons. They didn’t accept a man’s theory.

(Chemistry was never one of the subjects I liked in school but hope this made sense)
What is that one thing you want to achieve but it seems quite impossible or beyond reach, people have also told you it can’t be done, “Oh there is no need go across the line, no one has and no one will”. I beg you don’t give up! When you feel you are not quite there or you’re not getting the result you want to begin to ask new questions. i.e:
1. What am I doing wrong?
2. What can I do better?
3. What methods have I not adopted or am I missing?
4. Am I too hard on myself or embracing my process?

Answer these questions honestly; there is a better you waiting to emerge. Don’t accept the never lie? For every time you think you can’t know that you put a limit on your capacity and potential to ‘BECOME’.

The words of Martin Luther King Jnr

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. 

Never accept the lie!


Omozino is a budding career coach & education development strategist. Connect with her on facebook, and twitter.


10 Comments Add yours

  1. This is a great article. Nothing extra ordinary comes easy. If it is easy, its not worthwhile.
    Nobody is born being great, we become great through hard work and tenacity.

    Thanks for a great article like this.


  2. I like the atomic theory analogy; on point.



    1. omozino says:

      Thanks G! I pray I don’t disappear again!


  3. Walt Shakes says:

    And she returned with a great message. Welcome back Omozino. 😀


  4. damstylee says:

    You almost made chemistry seem easy… Almost… I’ll still hate it till Jesus comes though…
    Thanks for the message… And welcome back..


  5. Kingston says:

    Nice write up ‘Zino…this has further given me a boost to achieving that one thing I have targeted by the end of this year. Thumbs up.


  6. daniel says:

    Take the first step in faith… Success comes to the brave and determined.


  7. victor says:

    Very straightforward write up, I’m so feeling fired up, just been reminded that its not over until †ђξ end.
    Thank you zino’africa


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