Lessons from Watching the Brazilian vs. Germany Match


Before the match

I just returned from work. On a typical day I would eat, take a shower and hit my bed, no TV, and minimal interaction but I chose to watch the match with a very high tendency to dozing in between. Very much settled with my family in the living room, placing abstracts bets and making likely predictions. Listening to the sport analysts, I gathered that Neymar and the Brazilian captain won’t be playing, there were doubts that the rest of the Brazilian team would be able to pull it off without these key players, then again they have been playing remarkably in past tournaments so it was safe to say they would win (pretty sure they believed so themselves).
On the other hand the German team was said to be a closely knit and formidable team, there was very little recognition of stars. The impression given was that they were a formidable team and their strength was not in a star player but in their ability to perform/ work together as a team.

Do you follow my line of thought?

During the Match

There is a lot of ball tossing, nothing serious had happened in the first 10 minutes of the match. My very glee uncle is validating his prediction ‘Brazil was going down’. When the first goal came from Germany it was shocking a very smooth goal, the Germans didn’t seem like they were aiming for a goal when they scored that goal. The second came. The third, fourth, fifth 30 minutes into the first half of the match. Brazil picked their pace whatever their strategy was it had been disrupted by the Germans. They began defending aggressively, their supporter club looked really confused this wasn’t the plan they were supposed to have the upper hand (they clearly underestimated their opponent). The Brazilian team became too focused on the Germans not scoring a goal whilst the Germans were very focus on scoring goals. What a paradox!

P.S: few minutes to the end of the first half I slept off but we all know how it ended 7 goals to 1 a very embarrassing one for Brazil!

Lessons Learnt

In building a team for your business let no one become indispensable don’t have one person who is the star of the team but develop a group of persons whose skills will complement each other in achieving the common goal. In developing your team, develop their confidence have them all think like stars such that even when one person is absent the whole team doesn’t get defunct or struggle they are very confident that they can perform. Germany’s strength was their team it didn’t matter who scored but their ability to keep passing the ball till it was in the hands of whoever could score the goal. Brazil made it obvious that without Neymar and their Captain they were handicapped.

Never lose sight of the objective (goal) of your business once you do you become distracted and loose in the end. This Brazil did they were so focused on Germany not scoring that the few opportunities they had to score a goal they lost their formation and coordination (I think the absence of their captain made the gap very copious).

On a lighter note

My mum lost her bet to my dad but we all know she is never going to pay 😀

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. temidsho says:

    nicely written…so you watch football!


    1. omozino says:

      You know this 😉


  2. damstylee says:

    I laughed pretty much through out the match… At some point, I started doing something else and only turned to look at the TV when someone (Germany obviously) scored… but I have to admit I didn’t see the match in this light..

    I’m one to criticise and rummage for values in almost everything but you just brought out a business lesson from a football match… And you didn’t even finish the match… Kudos! Thanks for this…


    1. Omozino says:

      😀 my pleasure always!


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