How To Make ‘Weird’ Sell!

One Facebook, over a million clone social media websites like Facebook.

One LindaIkeji blog, over a thousand entertainment and gossip blogs.

One Wizkid equals many wanna-be Wizkids looking to hit the music industry with their cloned ‘hit’ music

One Chimamanda Adichie equals many writers trying to write the next ‘Half of a Orange Yellow Sun’

One hit e-commerce store equals a million more clones across the country

Enough of the clones already!

Enough of clone ideas with no ingenuity or luster! Enough of the copy and paste ideas, concepts, products; have we replaced innovation with copism? (If that’s a word) The last I checked, innovation was about doing something in a better way not copying what has already been done over and over again in a saturated market; not giving the same thing a new logo, fresh website, or catchy name and then calling it new.

The question is……

What is unique about your idea?

Find it, sell it, brag about it, push it out and then you’ll see (with time) people will begin to appreciate it. Be weird in a really good way! If Phyno makes Igbo sound sexy with his rap why can’t entrepreneurs do the same?

I’m @zedtells


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