How To #Turnup Everyday: A Career-Work Satisfaction Series.

From the moment we are born life becomes a race, as babies we are put into crèche, nursery school and education begins. At that age we don’t exactly know why we are being sent to school but it looks good, and so we carry on, junior secondary school, senior secondary school, university and then we are thrown into this big bubble called life to become independent individuals to fend for ourselves that’s when it dawns on us; that we weren’t quite ready! All those years of education didn’t prepare you for what you had to face in the labour market. Writing aptitude tests, attending interviews and getting regret mails after you have that ray of hope that you nailed it.

At this point you’re desperate, there’s pressure on every side and all the uncles, aunties, big mummy’s and daddies that were at your graduation and promised you a job are not available anymore to help out. Truth is you’re not even sure what you want out of life, or you know but right now all that matters is getting that job (you feel handicap without it). Days turn into weeks and weeks into months and finally you get that job, it’s a good start, all the suffering of past months/ year is wiped. Your folks are sharing their testimony at church. ‘God has done it! (or has he?).

You resumed the much-anticipated job, you giving it your best, now cash is flexible in your hands, it’s going great 1, 2, 3, years is gone but something isn’t quite right, you desire more than your present routine life. The zest is gone and everyday is now a drag, work is taking the life out of you. You’ve lost your #turnup. How do you get your life back?

How To #TurnUp Everyday is a career-work satisfaction series for new entrants and working professionals in the corporate world on making every work day count. A post will be featured weekly.

I look forward to engaging with you.


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