How To #TurnUp Everyday: The Sweet Spot

How do you find that spot that makes sense, where all your talents, abilities, energy, aspirations and passion finds expression; that spot that makes you give your 200%. Where night is day and day is day and there are no week days and weekends, where everything you do make sense and even when it doesn’t yield immediate result you are extremely glad at your progress.

As a child I had a thing for books, at an early age of 8 I was one of those kids that started wearing glasses because I read and read far into the night when the city had gone to sleep and NEPA was out I would sneak downstairs to get a candle, lit it up and read the Enid Blyton books I had borrowed from Tolu’s house the last weekend we visited (you know those books you borrow from a family friend and you never return? ) . This reading didn’t necessarily make me top of my class or even middle; I was just fine to cross over to the next class. But little did I know then that I would become a writer, blog, telling my story to people like I am now. In essence I found a sweet spot for writing through reading and living the life of characters in a book at a tender age.

Some of us discover what we are wired for early enough (young/ teenage years); some others find it much later in life in going through various experiences. Whichever it is the most pertinent thing is being happy, content, satisfied, having a convergence of all the things you hope for and are working towards.

Your sweet spot is that thing or series of things you’ll enjoying doing (or see yourself) for the next 20 years and regardless of anything (good or bad) coming your way you won’t quit, you’ll keep moving.

‘You’ll hustle till you conquer’

It could be changing lives, saving the world, rise to the peak of you field, or just being happy and making other happy. Sometimes the sweet spot isn’t obvious to the eye, other times its dormant, sometimes it requires being in the right environment to spark it up. So how do you discover your sweet spot?

Consider your interests, talents and natural abilities:

What’s that thing you just ‘LOVE’ doing and with ease?  it could be sleeping all day;) why not start a nap center where corporate guys who need to sleep during lunch come to crash and return back to work, catch my drift. The great thing about discovering this is, you’ve identified a part of you that someone may need. Your interest in grooming children, shopping for people, creating beauty, making thing convenient might just be what another person needs. If you don’t have the time to think about what your interest are, take an assessment online (there are bunch of them, but be careful for apt result you might need to pay for a clear and reliable version).

 Consider your values:

The things important to you motivate what you do. It drives the decisions you make and the career you choose. Is it family, being wealthy, intellectual stimulation, helping people, flexibility, independence e.t.c you must understand what motivates you to do what you do.

Consider your environment:

Nothing else accelerates growth like being in the right eco-system. Getting the right job that encapsulates all your abilities and aspirations. Being in the right environment with forward thinking collaborative minds not only makes you dream but propels you to work towards that dream. Run away from people who don’t share the same values with you or who will pour sand sand inside your garri!

Consider opportunities:

Look for opportunities that give your potential expression.


Start building on the right turf!




How To #TurnUp Everyday is a career-work satisfaction series for new entrants and working professionals in the corporate world on making every work day count. Join the conversation connect on Twitter and Facebook




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