Why I Started My Business- 7 Entrepreneurs Share.

Hunger is the mother of innovation and most entrepreneurs start their businesses for so many reasons. With the number of SMEs on the rise I took out time to ask some entrepreneurs (close to m) why they started their business; and the frankness of the answers I got LOL. One thing was definitely a common theme ‘HUNGER’ be it a rumble in the tummy, a near empty bank account, a desire to make the world a better place. Whichever it was below are seven reasons why some entrepreneurs started their business (written verbatim)

Disclaimer: if you are an entrepreneur (full-time, part-time, freelance) and you see your description here kindly laugh and hit the share button.

A: I didn’t start my business out of passion, it was all about having my own space to create something and make loads of money from it. It was after our first major break even I began thinking of how what I do benefits society. Money was the motivation!

B: I’m a sucker for perfection and independence one I could never get in all three organizations I worked with it before starting out. I always felt squashed, restricted, that bureaucracy ish not my style.

C: Hunger drove me to think of a way forward, when you have no stream of income, you suddenly begin to remember you gifts, talents and use it make money for you LOL!

D: It started out as a side thing, some extra means of making money beside my salary then it grew beyond something I could handle on the side I then ported. Proud business owner!

E: I genuinely love children, starting a day-care center has been all I have ever dreamed of, I wake every day with a new sense of purpose, creativity and that’s what count regardless of the challenges.

F: If I didn’t start my business who will? 😀

G: I want to build something that will outlive me when I die. People now and generations to come won’t be able to do without my company (products) and I’m very much on my way there.


Why did you start your business?


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  1. Nonso says:

    This is inspiring…. Am actually on the path of becoming an entrepreneur. I am really scared about it and also have sleepless nights. But it is sumtin I have to do. My reasons would be hunger and also to make a difference in the world.


    1. Omozino says:

      Awwww nonso this is great! don’t worry if you do the right things, put structure in place, define your value proposition, market that product strategically, it won’t be long.

      Wish you the very best! XX


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