Building a Career from Your Passion

You’ve always know you were built for something great, something phenomenal, something outstanding. You want to spend the rest of your life doing that one thing that matters to you but you can’t you’re working at a job that you don’t like, in a role that completely sucks and it seems you can do nothing about it. Man must eat, buy cloth, pay bills but even as you do this you feel it’s not just enough. “You don tire for patch patch”

You’re passionate about cooking but you’re working in bank and there’s no time for anything creative.

You enjoying coding but you’re studying sociology in college two different worlds and you’re struggling with your academics, patching your way through.

Most times we never really find ourselves starting at the perfect point (with the perfect job, studying the perfect course) but we can always make something great from where we especially when it come to building aspirations.

In this 21st century the world has become very open to many possibilities and you can carve out a niche for yourself. Even if what you’re passionate about is ‘weird’, you would find many other weird people who love what you do and want to tag along with you.

Let’s talk about key things to do when you want to build a career from your passion.

Ask Your Self The Big Question:

What would I spend the rest of my life doing and won’t stop doing even at the point of death?

Where am I now where do I hope to be?

Answering this question requires a lot of introspection, it about defining your personal vision and mission as well as your goals, think about it carefully.

Find Models That Work:

Who else is doing what you love doing, how good at they at it, how much success have they achieved, what can you learn from them?

There is nothing expressly new under the sun chances are there is someone out there in the world that loves what you love, is doing what you’d love to do and is very successful at it. Learn from them (not just the success but the failures) and define your own model.


Identifying your passion and getting a model of how you want to shape your dream is one thing, starting is another thing entirely. Starting is when you begin to test what works, what doesn’t. How best to move from point A to point B. Now you done with college with a sociology degree but passionate about software programming, is the next step to get another education or signup on Andela. Do you quit your job to start your business or do you start your business on the side till it grows to a certain stage. If you need to get a more challenging role with an upward mobile company how do you achieve that? Define your starting point then start!


When you begin working towards your passion, you would see genuine growth, things you didn’t expect you could do before you would begin to do them, your capacity would increase. You’ll create and learn with ease. You know why? Because you enjoy what you’re doing genuinely!  This doesn’t mean the absence of challenges but in the midst of it you’ll find the new you emerging the one you’ve been waiting to meet.


Hi there, I’m Omozino a career coach, with very keen involvement in aspiration development with people from all works of life. Read about me Here and contact me  Here 







7 Comments Add yours

  1. gteestix says:

    This post is timely for me. I can perfectly relate to it. It answers a question that has been lingering in my heart for a while.

    Thanks Zino


    1. Omozino says:

      woah glad this was a message came just in time 🙂


  2. arth says:

    Good Day to You Zeb,

    I recently retired from my job as a customer service representative, working for my state government.

    I’m also in the process of taking the Blogging 101 class at Blogging University.

    Yesterday’s assignment has been really difficult for me. It asks that we “follow 5 tabs and follow 5 blogs”.

    The reason this is so difficult for me is that I’m trying to develop my own niche, which is also the name of my website called “Professional Licensing Helper”.

    I have tried researching SEO, using long tail keywords, but no matter what I’ve tried, the niche is filled mostly with government websites. My job was working for the Uniform Commercial Code section of the Corporations, UCC, and Commissions Department of the Secretary of State office in Maine.

    What motivates me is my years of experience, trying to help people who have been “tossed around” from agency to agency, trying to get the information or resources they need.

    I have started work on creating “static” link pages that are indexed alphabetically, and can be used as a tool to find specific information relating to professional licencing. The current pages are going to be expanded on when I can get a better handle on the blogging side of things.

    The exercise has been very hard on me, yet I’m beginning to understand how to create “long tail tags” to explore and connect to other blogs with some related aspect to my niche.

    In the past two (2) days, your blog is only the second one that I feel able to really connect with, because of your relaxed helping style, and your willingness to provide useful and helpful content.

    This is my passion! I made a very hard decision to retire, with the (realistic) attitude that, if I waited until retirement was “affordable”, I never would.

    This is a huge leap for me, but I feel something worth while will come of it.

    The “long tail tag” used is “Career decisions”. My reasoning is that future professionals need help learning about different license types, associated with their career choice. I can help them research the answers. This is one of many ideas floating around, as I try to find my focus and learn what to do.

    Now at last, time is on my side, instead of struggling every night (for years and with different ideas), working after work, dealing with family, illness…you get the idea.

    I look forward to following your blog.

    I’m also working on a post, sharing my experience with this assignment. I plan to link to your post, and would appreciate your taking a look when it is published. I believe you will approve of the context in which your link is presented.

    Thank you for your efforts, educating the rest of us with much needed and original content, that is helpful, informative, and uniquely you.

    I will come back and leave a comment when the post is published.

    My Best to You


    1. Omozino says:

      Wow Arth,

      You comment totally made my day.
      I apologize for not responding sooner. I’ve been very ill I have just returned to normal work activities.

      I think what you have laid out for yourself is quite inspiring and it’s a great thing you decided to crave your niche.

      I’m definitely interested in learning about different licensing types associated to career choices.

      Look forward to reading your article.


  3. arth says:

    Good Day to You Zeb,

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve been ill.

    I’m glad my comment gave you a boost.

    The post is published!

    The title is “Searching the Reader – Long Tail Tags”.

    I had no idea, when I informed you about being mentioned in this post that it would take so many days before the post would be published.

    My apologies!

    In the future, I’ll wait until a post is published, before giving a notice like this.

    I hope you will take the time to read the entire post, and let me know how I did.

    You will find the section relating to the link leading to your post under the title:

    #2 Long Tail Tag: “Career decisions”.

    Please be sure to tell me, if you find a mistake or misrepresentation.

    I’m happy to help with any professional questions you, or your readers may have.

    I hope you like it!

    My Best to You


    1. Omozino says:


      I’m going to read the article.


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