Anxiety Is A Bitch

When I was young I was a bubble of two things…. Curiosity and fear; naturally my curiosity as a child was higher than normal more like I had a good dose of being nosy so I asked questions about everything and anything. I’d test anything just to verify if the thoughts in my little mind were true. A typical example

One day when I was a very young we were about eat rice and stew at home. There must have been a celebration as the house was bubbly and we had a guest and as my mum cooked in the kitchen I took pleasure standing  watching as she did her magic on the gas stove. Food was ready and she was serving into dishes when I asked ‘why must I eat rice through our mouth why can’t I eat it through my nose’ if you have a Nigerian mum you can guess the answer came with a spank and a “don’t disturb me look”. I kept calm but I knew I was going to try it. The dinning was set, the adults were chatting my grandma was beside me but I was in my own little space taking the spoon of rice and stew not to my mouth but to my nose, No one is looking, they probably thought I was smelling the food. My experiment didn’t seem to be working I put the spoon down I pick up a grain of rice and I’m taking it close to my nose  when bump I’m caught with a loud scream from grandma, then shouts from my folks and in my mind I’m thinking why are you guys shouting I’m just trying to find out if it’s possible na, (there was more that happened but it’s all hazy now) after that day I was monitored more closely, and told to shut up more often when I asked ‘stupid question’  then as I grew up my curiosity diminished and fear became an emotion I came to know .

Why this story?

When we were young, we could dream and it wasn’t scary to execute or test the water (yep I understand we didn’t have much at stake), our antenna for possibilities and taking risk was high. Even if we were going to be spanked and laughed at it didn’t stop us from being who we loved to be, dreaming or imagining. As we grew something changed, life became more calculated and even with all our calculated decisions we still don’t take action and when we do we quit at the slight turbulence. These automatically increase the fear to venture into territories without tested and proved models and not throw caution to the wind. Anxiety has her claws around our next and we ain’t doing anything about it.

Look at this.

On a typical day 90% of the people who wake up, wake up with an idea, a light bulb thought or possibility that they are excited about but such thought dies once the hustle and bustle of the day begins or after analysis and all the reason why it can’t work pops in their face. It could be a simple as asking a girl out on date. I’m not advocating for not making calculated decisions but that we stop living our lives based on anxiety it’s hampering. The after effect is taking it out on children telling them to shut up when they ask silly questions or discouraging them from building a passion or dream.

 What do about it.

First remove her claws from your neck. Anxiety usually comes from three things Analysis Paralysis,  Listening To So Much Counsel That It Overshadows Your Inner Conviction (advice and learning from others is great but in the process of getting this, ensure its to learn and make a better decision not to quit outright) and Fear Of Failing. Deal with these things.

Make a list of all the things you’re anxious about to the thinnest thing!

Get the knowledge, we fear what we don’t know or understand.  The best way to kick fear out is to get knowledge, knowledge quenches anxiety. It could be as simple as I don’t know what I want to do with my future, then find out how to choose a career or start a business whichever applies) Knowledge cancels out fear.

Deal with it, do something with the knowledge you’ve gotten. Deal with that anxiety once and for all.

Imagine if Thomas Edison didn’t keep trying and following his inner conviction would we celebrate his invention today? The best innovations are born out curiosity; don’t let your inner child die!

Kick that bitch out.

I’m Omozino a coach and entrepreneur, let’s work through those challenges together, send me a message here or follow me on twitter


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