Help My Job Sucks!

I could hear the subject line of Derin’s email scream at me. A young professional in his late twenties working in a top firm at the heart of Lagos metropolis; his mail wasn’t  something I hadn’t seen before as a matter of fact his story was all too familiar. Waking up every day with the nagging feeling that there was more to who he could be than what he presently is. This new stir in the depth of his being was making him lose sleep and focus at work. In his words, ‘It feels like I’m not living I’m just drifting there’s got to more than this for me’.

I had the same feeling in 2011 as an intern, working with a top Real-Estate firm in Lagos, valuing properties, meeting with clients and engaging with senior colleagues who would nod their heads in affirmation that I was a young lady with a lot of promise for the industry but deep down I knew I was deceiving myself there was no way I was going to continue with this profession. I was the best at what I did because of my natural ability to be excellent but for the most part I was bored and even if I did my work exceptionally I could not imagine myself working as an Estate Surveyor and Valuer for the greater part of my life! At the end of six months I dusted my hands; it was goodbye! Today I don’t regret giving all that up.

Like Derin and I, majority of us feel stuck and unsatisfied with our present status.  As adults we fight ‘REALITY’; there is a thin line between where we are and where we hope to be that thin line is REALITY. What if we knew how to create our reality and we did just that? How do we find a starting point, balance and eventual success?

Our work and career is an integral part of our lives one we cannot ignore. Finding the best fit for your career is like a caterpillar breaking out of a cocoon and becoming a beautiful butterfly, nothing is more satisfying.

Truth is we can choose our reality so what is yours?


Read the mind-shifting chapters

  • Your Dream Job Doesn’t Exist You’ve Got To Create It
  • Keeping Your Job and Building a Side Hustle
  • The Illusion of Job Security
  • It’s Time To Take You Seriously
  • Cut Yourself Some Slack





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