The Illusion of Job Security!

In the Industrial Age, people valued job security because it meant financial security for their family. It meant they could count on a steady paycheck throughout their career and a decent pension in their retirement.  It wasn’t as much about being loyal to one employer as it was about having financial stability for one’s family. Job security implies we are free from the risk of being laid off, fired, transferred, outsourced, etc. which is now unrealistic.

The 21st century workplace is very volatile with technology, information and economies evolving. There’s a lot of insecurity everywhere and the job you have can slip from under your feet as the system changes. Organizations are more focused on getting the best value at a lower cost. As businesses adopt the lean approach, more and more people will keep losing their jobs. So the security that you thought the job was going to give you is gone and you realize you’ve spent a bulk of your life investing in the company and not in yourself, and that job security really doesn’t exist.

Once upon a time people had jobs…, then there came technology.

So how do you become continuously relevant?

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