Review Your Ambition

When ambition eats at you, it feels like no matter how much you accomplish or how hard you work, you haven’t done enough. There’s always more to do.

Yea! Your goals are awesome and you’re doing everything in your power to achieve them and see them come to be, but then you’re doing it at the expense of many other things: proper meals, adequate sleep, catching up with loved ones and that’s unhealthy as it leads to burn-out.

When it becomes overwhelming, it really is time to take a step back. Don’t be too hard on yourself, review the progress you’ve made so far (you’ve actually made progress, you’re probably just downplaying it!), note the places you could have done better and review your strategy.

Celebrate the progress you’ve made, it might just be that you’re in a competition with yourself after all. Embrace your journey!
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