WhoAmI? really it’s a question I often ask myself. I’m always on the path of self discovery every time  (everyday I meet a new side to me) and this has always helped me get to major milestones of my life.

When I was five I knew didn’t know what I would become in life but I knew I wouldn’t be a lawyer, doctor nor work in a bank weird right? but I knew it like I knew my name.

I was very dull in primary school, had to repeat a class because of that but I eventually graduated as best graduating student in my college department (how is story I would share soon)

I love psychology and studying human behavior, there is so much about people that’s exciting.

I help people discover who they are and their aspirations for a living, a Career/Life Coach with about 500 coaching hours with an impact on over 3000 young people’s lives.

Currently Founder/CEO of Creating Futures a startup with a vision to build the upcoming generation of Africa’s human capital

I ‘m just a happy lady with a signature smile (You love that dp right? 😉 )                                                                  @zedtells on twitter

 Need to reach me send an email to or fill the contact form below.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. doctorkenny says:

    thanks zino…very insightful….


  2. gteestix says:

    Awwww… Now I’m crushing on that smile *winks*

    Liked by 1 person

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